Crusader Conversations


Abby Obert

Co-hosts McKinley Curran and Allison Herbert talk about their blogs for an upcoming podcast for Crusader Conversations

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

For the past two years, the Journalism program has been creating a podcast about all things St. Dominic. The podcast covers a variety of different topics and definitely grabs listeners attention right away.

The podcast, Crusader Conversations, was created by Kate Ryan ‘21 and is now led by current seniors, McKinley Curran and Allison Herbert. This is only the second year the podcast has been alive and is already a big hit throughout the St. Dominic community.

“I love working as co-host with McKinley on the podcast because we just get to talk about what’s going on in our lives like a normal conversation. It’s an amazing experience to share with someone who is hilarious and exciting. Another plus is that we invite people from all different groups in our school to sit in and get to know them better too!” Herbert said.

Every month, Curran and Herbert come up with new, fun topics to talk about on the podcast. Some of their most popular podcasts have been about College Prep, the 2022 March for Life, and Adam Sandler vs. Will Ferrell. There are listeners from all around the area and everyone seems to enjoy listening.

“My most recent podcast about the pro-life march is also one of my favorites. I loved the people I had on and it was great to reminisce about the pilgrimage we had gone on when we came home,” Curran said.

Sometimes, Curran and Herbert bring on special guests. I had the privilege of being on the 2022 March for Life podcast. It was such a fun time getting to talk to my peers about why we went to D.C. to march for life. I am so happy that I got to share on the podcast about why I stand up for the pro-life movement. I went on the podcast in hopes that I can be a voice for those that are listening.

Crusader Conversations is on the rise just as podcasts have become very popular in the past couple years. Whether you are in the car, at the gym or even just doing your homework, make sure to tune into Crusader Conversations! Podcasts can be found under the multimedia tab on Crusader Nation News.