Koeller Named National Coach of the Year


Mr. Koeller

Coach Koeller recieved National Coach of the year with a proud smile on his face

Josephine Berra, Staff Writer

This past Friday, the St. Dominic soccer program reached another great accomplishment. Coach Koeller received the 2021 award for National Coach of the Year for High School Girls Private/ Parochial. This was to honor the 2021 spring season, where the Lady Crusaders earned the title of back-to-back State Champions.

The United Soccer Coaches Convention, where Coach Koeller was awarded, took place in Kansas City last Friday morning. Including Koeller, there have only been six Missouri soccer coaches that have received the award of National Coach of the Year. It is the true symbol of how successful great teamwork, and having a coach who truly cares about you, can be.

“Although my name is ascribed on the plaque, it is owned by many: by our tremendously talented players, their families, the coaching staff, administration team, support staff, soccer alumni friends and the entire St. Dominic community,” Coach Koeller stated.

It is also a rarity that a highschool team wins the state championship two years in a row. Many argue that if the 2020 season had not been canceled due to COVID, the girls would have been able to clinch a third consecutive title. What is even more unique is that both championships were won in different classes. The first time the girls team was introduced to Missouri’s class four, they dominated the field and left with an undefeated season.

When asked about his new title, Koeller said, “When I look at this award, it causes me to reflect on all the great memories that our team gifted us with on this incredible team journey resulting in team excellence. Also, I cannot help to remember my dad and his influence, passion and love for me and this beautiful game. The last game he ever watched before his passing was the 2021 Girls State Championship match.”

With the upcoming 2022 girls season, Coach Koeller is more than excited to get started. He claims it will be a “fun challenge”, and is looking forward to kicking off the season. Make sure you come out to support Coach Koeller and the Lady Crusaders this spring as they are coming off a 25-0 season and are expected to succeed!