Bums Clean O’ Fallon Streets

Two Bums players face off against a Cleaner

Max Williams

Two Bums players face off against a Cleaner

Allison Herbert, Staff Writer

The pillar of community that St. Dominic is built upon is in full effect even outside of school. Many of our very own seniors practice this by forming their very own recreation soccer league and entertaining everyone in attendance.

Last Friday night the Cottleville Bums FC soccer team started off their second season with a win. Not only was the senior crowd crazy and wild like always, but a junior crowd entered the stands supporting the Bums’ opponent, the Street Cleaners. Just like the Bums are made up of our very own St. Dominic seniors, the Street Cleaners are stacked with our juniors.

“It was a struggle to start a junior team because my friends are very unorganized, but It was worth it! Last year was the beginning of our first season and it was a lot of fun so we decided to make it a yearly thing. It creates another event for students to attend. In my opinion it is one of the most entertaining games to watch at St. Dominic,” junior Street Cleaner Gavin Ramirez said.

As both teams stepped onto the turf field, the excitement roared through the stands. It was definitely a physical game as both teams wanted the win especially because they all knew each other. The talent on both teams was pretty fair as many non-soccer players had the chance to score.

“This game was different from the rest of the games because we really played as a team and knocked the ball around, not letting the juniors get the ball as much as they wanted. We scored seven goals and we do not do that often. I scored three, Jalen Walker scored two, Zach Fink scored one and Hunter Powell scored one. The highlight of the game was after Powell scored, and he has never scored, his celebration resulted in him hitting his head on the metal bench and getting a concussion,” Ryan Mcmullin, a senior Bums player said.  

Although there has been support for the Cottleville Bums from the beginning, the team has had many losses in their first season. With that being said, they have recruited some new players and even a supportive coach.

“The team chemistry has increased dramatically since the first session and transitioning to the second session. We picked up a five star coach, Noah Hood, who is an absolute angel to have a part of the team. The strings are being carefully orchestrated, and I would keep an eye on the all star recruit, Richard Greiner,” Justin Grabenhorst, a senior Bums player said.

Starting off the season strong, the Cottleville Bums stole the game winning seven to three against the junior team. Make sure to stop by a game and watch the insane Cottleville Bums go to work. Their next game is this Saturday night at 10:40 at Vetta 70!