New Year, Fresh Starts: 2022 Resolutions


Allison Herbert

It’s the new year; time to take some action

Allison Herbert, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again where making goals and staying motivated are on everyone’s mind. This means the annual New Year’s resolutions are sweeping through the St. Dominic community that are not only inspiring but difficult too.

The new year is all about fresh starts, new memories and new challenges. Although any day is a good day to start bettering yourself, for some reason the new year is the most motivating time to start.

“The new year is a new beginning for many people. It can be almost like a kickstart for a new ‘you,’” senior Taytum Scarborough said.

Many people find the idea of a fresh start comforting because it is a new opportunity to improve your life. Resolutions can range from bettering yourself physically to bettering yourself mentally. Not one resolution is right, it depends on what you need in your life at this very moment.

“My resolutions for this year are to better myself by keeping my grades up, being more consistent with working out, focusing on treating everyone the way I would want to be treated, strengthening my faith and making more time for friends, family, and myself,” junior Kinsley Dare said.

Dare has some pretty impressive goals as well as an abundance of resolutions to motivate others in the same way. As high school students, it is important to keep your grades up especially as the second semester is at hand. However, highschool is a scary place to try to fit in as well, and making sure you are open to everyone and everything is another incredible goal that will make you successful.

“I’m going to try and spend less time on social media, and replace that time with games and activities with my siblings,” freshman Isaac Branson said.

Social media has consumed this generation’s lives, and this goal is another up-to-date opportunity to improve yourself. By offering up your time you would usually spend on social media to spend it with your family is a much better decision as they are real people who you see face-to-face.

Making resolutions may be easy, but how should one keep their goals manageable as the year goes on?

Accountability is the answer to that one. By creating a healthy self-discipline, it will allow one to sustain their goals. Not only may it be hard at times to put that phone down, get up for a workout or let that one person sit with you at lunch, but it will make you feel so much better and change the lives of those around you.