Two Terrific Additions


Mrs. Robbins

Mrs. Robbins is more than excited to become a full time teacher at St. Dominic!

Josephine Berra, Staff Writer

The start of 2022 has brought many new changes to the St. Dominic community, including two new full-time teachers. Mrs. Robbins and Mr. Lipinski recently began their positions here, and we could not be more excited!

Mrs. Stephani Robbins has actually been at St. Dominic for three years. She began as a paraeducator while finishing her Masters degree before working as a teacher’s assistant. She is now employed as a full-time English teacher. Mrs. Robbins favorite thing to do is read, so it makes sense why she teaches American Literature and Lit/Comp 2. Mrs. Robbins chose to come to St. Dominic because she thought it was a successful and welcoming place to start her career.

Outside of school, Mrs. Robbins is a huge Blues fan because her family used to have season tickets! She values family so much that she spends nearly every weekend with her older brothers and two nephews.

When asked what is one lesson she wants to teach her students, Robbins responded, “Life is short. Be present in the moment. Do not take it for granted. Things change so quickly. Sometimes things happen that you never think will happen to you and will change your life drastically. It’s more important to enjoy these moments with your friends and loved ones and make the most out of your time here in high school. Because it is the only time you will get.”

Another brand-new faculty member is Mr. Owen Lipinski. Mr. Lipinski was recently instated as the new Spanish 1 and 2 teacher! Before becoming an educator, he was a coach. This passion inspired him to take his leadership skills to the classroom. As far as Spanish goes, he had a highschool teacher who showed him the value of the language. Mr. Lipinski enjoys Spanish and decided to share his passion with others.

Aside from teaching, Mr. Lipinski loves to play baseball and softball, as well as long distance running. When he was still a student, he was a musician who enjoyed playing the tuba and guitar.

If Mr. Lipinski could only teach one lesson to his students, it would be, “a lesson on leadership or how to be a leader. I feel like so many things stem from this lesson and that it would only enhance one’s ability to learn in every other class.”

Mrs. Robbins and Mr. Lipinski appreciate the sense of camaraderie instilled here at St. Dominic. They heard many positive things from former alumni and employees that made them want to come here and show their skills by teaching. Both teachers were also attracted by the positive feedback from St. Dominic parents.

“I love how accepting of a community St. Dominic is. Everyone is so genuine and that is hard to find at most places. And I absolutely love the relationships I am building with the students,” Mrs. Robbins said.

She could not have summed up our community and school any better. We are so glad to have teachers who already feel at home here at St. Dominic. Let’s start off a great semester by welcoming these two new amazing additions to our community!