Christmas Cookie Craze

It’s time to start your holiday baking as Christmas rounds the corner!

Saving Room for Dessert

It’s time to start your holiday baking as Christmas rounds the corner!

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

The time for Christmas cookie making is back and better than ever! Families in our own St. Dominic community are preparing their kitchens for lots of cookie baking in this Christmas season!

There are always varieties of cookies that are made during the Christmas season and many Crusader families make this baking time a tradition that comes around every year. Some popular cookie choices are chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter chocolate and gingerbread.

Senior Alli Herbert and her family always make spritz cookies every year. These cookies are very similar to sugar cookies. They are made by pushing the dough through a cookie press. This then forms the cookie into the desired shape and then they are baked. The shape holds its form after they are baked then you have your spritz cookie!

“My sister and I always have to make spritz cookies with my parents every Christmas. It’s a tradition that I have done ever since I can remember,” Herbert said.

Junior Emma Larkin has enjoyed baking sugar cookies with her sister for several years. She enjoys doing this because they make all different shapes that symbolize the holidays and decorate them with Christmas colors. This is another cookie tradition that a lot of families take up.

“Every year my sister and I make sugar cookies and decorate them as snowmen and Santa. We use icing and sprinkles to decorate and then we share them with our family on Christmas Day,” Larkin said.

Not all families stick to just making cookies. There are a lot of families that like to make candied treats, fudge and Christmas trail mix. These are just a few of the many treats that people like to make during the holidays. Senior Adri Weber and her family like to make pretzel treats with hershey kisses and M&M’s.

“My family loves to make simple Christmas treats where we take a square mini pretzel and melt a Hershey kiss onto it. Once the chocolate is a little melted we add an M&M onto the kiss and put the treats into the freezer. My little siblings love to help make these because they’re so easy to make,” Weber said.

There are a lot of different traditions that families have taken up to help them get in the Christmas spirit. Baking cookies has always been a popular tradition that many St. Dominic families love to do. Make sure to get your cookie baking started to help enjoy your holidays even more!