Funny Flashbacks from the Past

Paige Deeken (L) and Alli Herbert (R) expressing themselves in 2014

Allison Herbert

Paige Deeken (L) and Alli Herbert (R) expressing themselves in 2014

Allison Herbert, Staff Writer

Last week, I stumbled upon a voice recording from August 14, 2014 where an 11 year old me was singing away at her boredom. In only a 22 second voice memo, I managed to embarrass myself in front of the entire class. In fact, Mr. Small yanked my phone out of my hand in order to airdrop that amazing song onto his phone causing just one of the many cracks on my screen. Listening to that high-pitched parody of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea got me thinking, other students must have embarrassing childhood stories too.

“I used to do gymnastics, but I was always so scared to use the restroom at the gym. One night, I got home after practice and had to go really bad. Like really bad. My brother was in the shower and I was banging on the door for him to let me in but he couldn’t hear me. It was in fact too late,” senior Maggie Kreckler said.

We have all had “accident” stories in our lifetime if we’re being honest. I know you’re thinking about one right now. Not to throw shade on myself again, but Paige Deeken, my best friend since third grade, never stops reminding me about our weird grade school obsession.

“From 4th to 6th grade, Alli and I wore our headbands on our foreheads every single day. We thought that we were being unique and fashionable, but in reality, I look back on pictures and I am disgusted. Teachers and upperclassmen at St. Joseph’s grade school would come up to us and ask us what we were doing. I remember specifically, Alli’s older sister came up to us one day and commanded us to take them off our heads because students in her grade were making fun of us. We still didn’t take them off,” Deeken said.

Let’s not forget that embarrassing childhood stories don’t end once you become a teen. Senior Owen Gober, varsity soccer player, isn’t always quick on his feet like we see on the field.

“I was running late one day and was trying to get inside quickly. I stepped into the ditch in the parking lot to get to the mezzanine doors. Once I stepped into the ditch, I completely wiped out and laid there for a second. I’m not kidding, I contemplated leaving and just going home as I laid there spread out on my back. Then I saw Alex Zoellner roll down her window and yell ‘are you ok?!’ And I just sat there for a second and laughed it off before running inside hoping no one else saw,” Gober said.

Everybody has an embarrassing story they try to forget. However, sharing these stories shows we’re all in the same boat in life. Be sure to go check out the recording linked below from eight years ago if you need a laugh today.