Black Friday All Month Long

Hundreds line up outside Best Buy to be the first to get the best deals

Associated Press

Hundreds line up outside Best Buy to be the first to get the best deals

Kalea Reeves, PR Editor

Long gone are the days of lining up hours before the store doors open, racing inside to grab the best deals, and fist-fighting over 75% off TVs. In today’s digital age, everything, including the simple or sometimes violent affair of Black Friday, has been moved online and has started much earlier.

It seems as though every year the commercialized version of Christmas starts earlier and earlier. As soon as Halloween is over, stores are decking their aisles and lighting their trees. All stores are preparing for their biggest shopping period of the year.

Even though Black Friday is on November 26 this year, there are many stores beginning their sales online right now. This is especially helpful during the COVID 19 pandemic, reducing the flood of people all clamoring together in a store.

Amazon has been releasing new deals every day on their “Epic Daily Deals” page since October. It includes a wide variety of products including a 33% off Cricut Maker, 30% off big-screen televisions and various electronics, 20% off kitchenware, 40% off furniture and over 60% of gaming devices.

Major in-store retailers are also announcing a slew of deals and different programs. Target is releasing new sales every week and has a “Holiday Price Match Guarantee,” which allows customers to price match products that are lower at other stores. Walmart is introducing its “Days for Deals” this year, three of which are happening before Black Friday.

Black Friday is a great time for buying those big-ticket items. Best Buy has a multitude of different deals, including smart TVs for $100, over 50% off chromebooks and laptops and amazing deals on Apple products.

Apple retailers are marking down products during this time. You can save up to $60 on AirPods, $290 on Apple Watch Series 5 and $100 on iPhones 11 and 12. It’s not just physical items you can save on. Phone carriers such as Verizon and AT&T are promoting amazing deals on their phone plans. Verizon is allowing customers to save $800 with a trade-in while AT&T is cutting the monthly payment plan for an iPhone 12 by $5.

Whether you appreciate the traditional in-person Black Friday shopping, or like to save money from the comfort of your own home, check out some of these incredible deals happening all month long.