Hockey Hits the Ice


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The Saint Dominic ice hockey team has started off their debut season strong

Mikey Mueller, Staff Writer

As winter approaches, St. Dominic’s hockey team is facing off for their very first season. By adding this highly-anticipated sport, St. Dominic has broadened its athletes’ horizons and created another pull-factor for incoming students.

Because the hockey team is new this year, they have their share of obstacles to overcome. The team practices long hours, often late at night, since this is the only time the ice rink is available.

Luckily, the team’s hard work is paying off. Our Crusaders played their first game last Sunday, November 8. They won 6 to 1 against Timberland High School. St. Dominic’s players were fierce, with the defense only letting in one goal.

“What a great opportunity for this group to be part of the first ever and carry on that tradition for St. Dominic athletics,” head coach Mark Arens said.

One player that grabbed this opportunity was junior Jared Luedeke. Luedeke was on fire from the get-go, and he ended the night with four goals. Although Jared proved himself to be more than capable on the ice, their victory would not have been possible without teamwork.

The St. Dominic hockey team has a long season ahead of them, but they are already well on their way to greatness. Be sure to show your support for the team by cheering them on from the stands at their next game on November 14!