Out of the Blue and Into the Red

Republican representative Glenn Youngkin secured the position of Virginia’s new governor

Washington Post

Republican representative Glenn Youngkin secured the position of Virginia’s new governor

Paige Hunt, Copy Editor

Last Tuesday, November 2, was an important day in politics in the United States. Both Virginia and New Jersey held state-wide elections to elect a new governor. However, Virginia’s election was crucial not only for the state’s inhabitants but for the rest of the nation as well.

The position of governor of Virginia was previously held by Democrat Ralph Northam. However, because Virginia is the only state that does not allow for consecutive reelections, Governor Northam was not eligible for a second term. Running for Northam’s place for the Democrat party was former Governor Terry McAuliffe. Businessman Glenn Youngkin ran against McAuliffe for the Republican party.

As the first major election since President Biden took office, all eyes were on Virginia as McAuliffe and Youngkin grappled for votes. By the end of the night, Youngkin led with a 50.6% lead over McAuliffe’s 48.6%. This win was monumental for Virginia as the state has not seen a Republican governor since 2009.

The Republican win came as a surprise for most of the country, but for the state of Virginia, it was clear that Youngkin was a leading candidate. His unthreatening approach and traditional Republican values were compelling to many on-the-fence voters.

Although Biden won with a 10-point lead on Virginia in last year’s presidential election, the recent swing towards the red vote may set a new precedent for the state. Republicans are hopeful this trend is a forecast for next year, when the rest of the nation’s states will host their own governor elections.

In addition to state-wide elections, next year also marks the mid-term of Biden’s presidency. Last week’s election served as a warning to the Democratic party as to just how quickly the political tides can turn. There is no doubt that Democrats will be eagerly working to secure blue votes after last week’s devastating blow.

Only time will tell if the Democrats’ efforts will be successful, or if the Republican swing will become a trend. For more information, check out The New York Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/30/us/politics/virginia-governors-election.html.