Warming up for Winter Sports

Our Crusaders are warming up for the winter sports season beginning this week

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Our Crusaders are warming up for the winter sports season beginning this week

Kennedy Jones, Editor in Chief

While it may be cold outside, our Crusaders are warming up for the upcoming winter sports season. Along with the already-successful boys and girls basketball program and the dominant girls swim team, everyone at St. Dominic is excited for the addition of an ice hockey team to the winter sports mix.

Coming off of an impressive 21-6 record last season, the varsity boys basketball team is looking to do even better this year. With several new players and returning players like star seniors Ryan Schwendemen and Matthew Willenbrink, the team is sure to be an unstoppable force this season. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to outshine last season.

I hope the team will improve our defensive intensity. We have been playing much better defense already! We are a younger team with lots of energy. I just want us to press baseline to baseline and work as hard as we can,” assistant basketball coach Mr. Doug Small said.

The boys’ first game is on November 23 at Westminster at 7:00 PM, so be sure to pop out and cheer them on!

The varsity girls basketball team is also ready to dominate this winter season. This year’s team is extremely young, with lone senior Delaney Smith leading the way. Having several new faces could pose a challenge for the team, but that will not stop them from working hard to get back to the postseason.

“I am most excited to play as a team. I think we have really good team chemistry, so I’m excited to see how that helps us to play better. I’m hoping to just keep working hard to get better so I can build my confidence,” junior Maren Hunt said.

The varsity girls take the court against Westminster at 5:30 on the same day as the boys’ teams. These ladies have already put in the work this season, so be sure to show your Crusader pride at their first game of the season.

The varsity girls swim team is sure to excite as they do every year. With many talented swimmers and a change in the coaching staff, the team is focused on crushing their competition. With head coach Mrs. Carly Honerkamp out on maternity leave for the majority of the season, assistant coach Ms. Victoria Luetkemeyer will be taking over coaching responsibilities.

“I am looking forward to helping the team grow and be the best swimmers they can be! I swam on St. Dominic’s swim team back in high school, and I am just excited to get back in that environment. It’s going to be hard work, but it’s also going to be so much fun, and I just can’t wait for the season to get started,” Coach Luetkemeyer said.

The girls’ first meet is scheduled for December 1 at 8:30 PM. Show up and cheer our girls to victory.

It’s the inaugural season for the St. Dominic ice hockey team and Crusader Nation could not be more excited for their debut. The team has already shown off some of their skills in practice games in the fall, giving them the opportunity to size up their competition. While being a brand new team can be intimidating, our Crusaders won’t let that stop them.

“Coach Arens talks about us being a brand new team because he doesn’t want us to be the team that all the other schools beat up on. Hearing that has definitely seemed to have put a fire inside all the players, and I think we’re going to do well this season,” senior manager Kira Findley said.

The hockey team’s first game was yesterday against Timberland. With a staggering 6 to 1 win, the team was dominant thanks to junior Jared Lueddecke scoring four times. As this is just the first game of the season, Crusader Nation can’t wait to see how the rest of their season goes. Their next game is November 14 at 8:30 at the Rec Plex in St. Peter’s.

This winter is sure to be filled with excitement and competition. Whether it’s at a court, on the ice or by the pool, be sure to support our winter athletes as they take this season head on!