Virtus is Coming for Victory

Virtus Nation is ready to fight for the cup and to become the underdog this year!

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Virtus Nation is ready to fight for the cup and to become the underdog this year!

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

While House Virtus is currently sitting in last place on the podium, there is a good chance they could be the dark horse in the race for the house cup. With some good ideas brewing and their competitive juices flowing, Virtus is ready to fight their way to the top.

Virtus had a tough start to the year beginning with zero points instead of five like all of the other houses due to some misunderstanding at the house reveal. This put them at a disadvantage, but they climbed their way back to fourth place after the first dodgeball competition. Virtus were not able to hold that position for long after the fifth and sixth place houses won points for selling the most raffle tickets in the first two weeks of the raffle ticket competition, dropping Virtus back to last place.

Despite the last place position, Virtus members are optimistic. Their hope is to come out on top and be the dark horse in the House System. There is a long road ahead but Heads of House, Alli Herbert and Brennon Schulz, have a lot of unique plans and ideas to help give Virtus some momentum going forward.

“Brennon and I have some great ideas that could potentially bring Virtus back to the top, especially with the hallway decorations for Christmas. I am looking forward to penny wars, which is something we do amazing in and have won in the past. With the upcoming competitions, I’m sure we can make it to the top,” Herbert said.

While many might not notice it right now, there is a chance that Virtus could be the underdog house. They did not have the best start, but are looking forward to the chance to make a comeback. There is still a lot of time and many competitions ahead giving Virtus a chance to earn major points and get to the top. It is going to take hard work and dedication, but it is not impossible.

“We are going to be the underdogs because even though we’re in last, I can feel the excitement within our house. We’re keeping our heads up. With the positivity and optimistic leadership I have seen with each family, we can come back from this sorry spell and sweep everyone off their feet,” Herbert said.

The other five houses might not see it now, but Virtus has the possibility to be the underdog. Don’t count them out yet because they are looking to come back and fight just when you least expect it.