Increasingly “IN” Halloween Costumes

Crusaders are getting creative this year with these spooktacular costumes!

Michael Kovac

Crusaders are getting creative this year with these spooktacular costumes!

Emma Larkin, Staff Writer

Halloween is often described as people’s favorite holiday season, whether that be because of the candy, movies or cool fall air. But most people love this holiday for the fun of dressing up in costumes! Here are what some of our Crusaders are dressing up as that may inspire you if you still don’t know what to wear on Halloween.

Whether you’re going trick or treating, telling spooky stories with your friends or watching a movie with your special boo, there are many costumes to add to the fun atmosphere of the night. With that being said, let’s look at some truly hair-raising costumes ideas from our students at St. Dominic.

For those enjoying the holiday with their significant other, juniors Macie Drummond and Chase Freesmeier have a perfect idea for a couple’s Halloween costume. The adorable pair are planning to go as a mermaid and sailor for the night.

Another junior couple, Alex Tracy and Morgan Dale, plan to go as a pair of 1920s gangsters. The costumes will be complete with a suit, flapper dress and even some fake water guns.

For anyone who is a fan of the hit 1993 children’s film, “The Sandlot,” wait until you hear this idea. Junior Ella Catlett plans to dress up with her boyfriend as the Sandlot characters Wendy Peffercorn and Squints.

For those hitting the town individually, there are plenty of ideas for Halloween costumes. Senior Olivia Stransky plans on rocking the night out in a police officer costume with a bright green water gun as a hilarious prop.

Continuing with the movie theme, junior Mikey Mueller has the great idea of going out as “Buddy the Elf.” Senior Mckinley Curran is also planning to enjoy the night with the perfect costume as Velma from the iconic children’s cartoon “Scooby Doo.”

If classic movies may not be your thing, there are still plenty of ideas. For example, senior Cadence Bell is planning to go as a Wither Skeleton from the hit video game, “Minecraft.”

For those enjoying Halloween with a group, there are still plenty of costume designs for you! Friends Mia Cornellious, Payton Long and Addie Barteau are planning to go as a group of space cowgirls.

Whether you like movies, songs, television shows, video games, going out alone, with friends or your special boo there are plenty of costume ideas to add a little sparkle to your night. All you have to do is use your imagination!