Cardinals Coaching Crisis

The Cardinals are on the search for a new leader

The Cardinals are on the search for a new leader

Mikey Mueller, Staff Writer

The St. Louis Cardinals are looking for a fresh start for next season. While they hoped to go far in the playoffs this year, they were not able to fulfill their expectations. After this season came to an end, the Cardinals decided to make a change and fired their head coach, Mike Schildt. 

There were multiple reasons that led to this decision but ultimately, it came down to the Cardinals’ lack of success since Schildt took the role as head coach. The team is focused on statistics rather than emotion, and Schildts’ stats simply did not add up to previous coaches. 

With the loss of the coach, the Cardinals are busy on the hunt for a replacement. If you recall, the organization likes to have former Cardinals players or people closely related to the team among the coaches. They have multiple prospects, with most of them following a popular new strategy of hiring younger men. 

Matt Holiday is one of the running candidates. He was a great Cardinals player and has been involved in the organization for many years. His family’s coaching background combined with  his knowledge of baseball makes Holiday a promising prospect for the new head coach.

Another contender is former Cardinals player, Carlos Beltran. Beltran was a talented player who has expressed a clear interest in managing the team. His eagerness could be influential in receiving the coveted position.

Although Mark Mcguire has mostly left the world of professional baseball, he is still in the running for the Cardinals head coach. Mcguire’s son will be playing at Oklahoma State University , and it is likely he will focus his attention there. Despite this, he is currently still up for consideration.

Stubby Clapp on the other hand is very interested in the position of head coach. Clapp was brought onto the coaching staff in 2019 and definitely has potential to move higher in the ranks. 

Skip Schumaker is the final aspirant for the position of head coach. Schumaker played in the Cardinals organization for many years. He would be a good choice due to his youth and talent as well as his popularity among the fans. Additionally, his views align well with what the organization is looking for. It could be a challenge to get him to St. Louis because he is currently the bench coach for the Padres, but the Cardinals are not giving up on their recruitment.

It will be no small task to choose the next head coach for the Cardinals. However, the organization is determined to select a candidate who will work best for the team. Their decision will be imperative to the Cardinals’ success, so be sure to follow along to find out who will be St. Louis’ new head baseball coach.