Cure for Carson

Carson Burroughs and his family attend the annual Cure for Carson volleyball game!

Hannah Burroughs

Carson Burroughs and his family attend the annual Cure for Carson volleyball game!

McKinley Curran, Podcast Editor

Last Thursday, the St. Dominic Volleyball program hosted their annual Cure for Carson fundraiser night against Duschene. The team defeated the Pioneers in three sets.  

The determination to win on Thursday came from the volleyball program’s favorite little boy. Carson Burroughs is a ten year old boy who was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome in 2016. Carson loves throwing any kind of ball, being outside and spending time with his family. He is such a sweet boy who can always make you smile.

Sanfillipo syndrome is a progressive disorder that primarily affects the brain and spinal cord. It is characterized by deterioration of neurological function (neurodegeneration), resulting in many of the features of the condition.

In simpler terms, it affects children in a similar way to how adults are affected by Alzheimer’s. Sanfilippo is considered a rare disease: one in every 70,000 children are born with the genetic condition.

Nevertheless, this affects many children across the world and scientists have yet to find a cure. The Burroughs family has been fighting to find a cure for years and have held countless fundraisers and events every year.

Cure for Carson isn’t the only fundraiser the Bourroughs family has organized. Along with the volleyball game, there was a Swing for the Cure baseball game, Drive to Cure Carson at The Falls Golf Club, and many sponsors that donated to the cause.

Currently, the Burroughs family has raised $18,000 out of their $100,000 dollar goal. They have fought for years and will continue to fight for their son. Scientists are conducting more research than ever. Support from others enables that life-saving research to continue until a cure is discovered.

St. Dominic supports and loves Carson Burroughs and the whole Burroughs family and will continue to support them through fundraisers like Cure for Carson! Click the link below to help find a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome and help children like Carson find lifesaving treatment.