Free Falling Into New Adventures


Skydive STL

Senior Adri Weber flies through the sky in Festus, Missouri

Paige Hunt, Copy Editor

Geronimo! Looking down from 10,000 feet in the air would be intimidating for most people, but for St. Dominic senior Adri Weber, the adrenaline rush outweighs any fear. Keep reading to learn more about Adri and her awesome skydiving experience.

Weber is no stranger when it comes to a challenge. She loves being spontaneous and attributes most of her intrepidity to her grandma. And what better time to do something spontaneous than to go skydiving for her 18th birthday!

“My grandma went [skydiving] last year with my cousin, and she was telling me how fun and exciting it was, so I had asked her if I could do it with her when I turned eighteen. After my birthday, she held to that promise and off we went. We’ve always been kind of the adventurous duo, and she always pushed me to be a little more risky with these things,” Weber said.

Although it’s the most recent, skydiving was only one of the many fun experiences Weber and her grandmother have shared.

“I went with my grandma because she and I do a lot of fun things like that. When I was a kid she took me on my first roller coaster too,” Weber added.

Despite her eagerness to check skydiving off her bucket list, the thought of jumping out of an airplane was daunting for Weber.

“At first, I was really excited, and then as the plane flew higher, I got really nervous about it. Seeing my grandma just fly out of a plane really scared me, but before I knew it I was following after her. Now that it’s over, it feels like there’s not really anything to be scared of. I totally recommend skydiving because I thought seeing the world from that height and getting to freefall was an amazing experience,” Weber admitted.

Weber has no regrets about her bold decision because she learned to conquer her fear while still having a blast. After such a fun opportunity, Weber encourages fellow thrill-seekers to give skydiving a try and see for themselves just how exhilarating it can be!