The Blues Are Back

The St. Louis Blues are ready to kick off their season

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The St. Louis Blues are ready to kick off their season

Mikey Mueller, Staff Writer

The St. Louis Blues had a tough end to their season last year, but they are back and ready for a fresh start. It is crucial for the team to excel this season after falling short in the last playoffs. 

Their off-season was a tough one, but they worked hard to prepare for this month. The countless hours on the ice and meetings have helped them prepare for the adversity that lies ahead. The season proved difficult, but these men are committed to play their best and fight for the Stanley Cup.

The Blues have many talented players in the works. One new addition to the team is James Neal. Neal plays left wing and the talent he brings to the table is sure to work in the Blues’ favor. 

Jake Neighbours and Scott Perunovich are more new faces joining the Blues this year. The players may be rookies, but they are motivated and willing to play hard to earn their places among the pros.

The Blues begin this season with a face-off against the Colorado Avalanche. After a devastating four-game loss to the Colorado Avalanche last season, the Blues are eager to prove themselves victorious this year. The Blues have the talent to rise to the challenge of their adversity, but this season is going to put them to the test. 

This year, it is up to the Blues to prove to everyone if they are still the powerhouse they were two seasons ago. Their first game is next Saturday, October 16, so be sure to tune in and support the team!