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Temperentia is back and ready to defend the house cup

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Temperentia is back and ready to defend the house cup

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

This week’s House Highlight, we’re talking about the reigning House System Champions, Temperentia. Temperentia is back and better than ever as they prepare to defend the house cup! They are coming up with a variety of ideas to get back on top!

One strength Temperentia has is their energetic house members. This has helped them create a great atmosphere and grow closer with each member in the house. This has also helped them bring good participation and excitement into every family through their HOH’s Ella Field and Jacob Moore.

“We plan to keep the cup by utilizing our strong house spirit and great leadership team. Our house has a lot of good participation from our temp families. All of our family captains are great leaders, and we are fully capable of reaching another victory this school year,” Moore said.

Since Temperentia won last year, they are going to be one of the biggest targets this year. They will have to come up with ways to play defense against the other houses during competitions. They already know their plan of action.

“It is easiest for our house to be targeted during penny wars. But we have a strong plan to avoid this. Of course, I wouldn’t expect any other house to reveal their plan so neither shall we. Let’s just say we will be ready,” Moore said.

Even though they will be targeted by the other houses, Temperentia has a lot of great qualities to compete with. They plan to use these qualities to win back the house cup and grow closer as both a house and a family.

“It’s all about teamwork. The best part of the house system is that you have so many people in your house you can reach out to for help. We have each other’s backs: both leaders and students,” Moore said.

Temperentia is going to be a big competitor this year, since they are the most recent winners of the house cup. All of the other houses will be going for them, so it is up to Temperentia to play good defense.