Tardiff’s Terrific Teaching

Mr. Tardiff is excited for his first year teaching at St. Dominic

Kalea Reeves

Mr. Tardiff is excited for his first year teaching at St. Dominic

Kalea Reeves, PR Editor

St. Dominic is blessed this year to introduce many new teachers to our community. This week’s teacher feature is all about one of our new religion teachers Mr. John Tadiff.

Mr. Tardiff has the joy of teaching religion to our underclassmen. He teaches freshmen Revelation, where ninth graders take a trip through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, and learn about how God revealed Jesus and his salvation from the beginning.

Another class he teaches is sophomore Paschal Mystery class, where students learn about Jesus’ salvation and redemption more closely, and understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

While Mr. Tardiff is new to St. Dominic, he is also new to teaching, with this being his second year as a teacher.

“I’ve always had a love for teaching, and I’m excited to fulfill and share my passion with this amazing school,” Mr. Tardiff said.

Coming a long way from St. Dominic, Mr. Tardiff grew up in Rhode Island. He went to Kentucky for his bachelor’s degree from Thomas More College.  He then received his master’s degree in theology from DC graduate school Pontifical John Paul II Institute.

Although he loves teaching and being at St. Dominic, he likes to have some fun outside of school too. Mr. Tariff enjoys taking hikes, reading good books and gardening.

Along with his exciting new role in the St. Dominic community, there is even more fantastic news in Mr. Tardiff’s household—he and his wife are expecting their very first child!

Mr. Tardiff is very excited to help lead students closer to our faith and fulfill St. Dominic’s daily mission.

“St. Dominic is a wonderful community with faith at its very center,” Mr. Tardiff said.

We’re so glad to welcome Mr. Tardiff into our family. If you see him in the halls, make sure to say hi!