How the Cookie Crumbls


Allison Herbert

Last week’s Crumbl cookie flavors ranged from delicious devastating

Allison Herbert, Staff Writer

Crumbl Cookies have taken over the dessert industry this past year and continue to put an exciting spin on every cookie. Rotating four to five new speciality cookie flavors each week has been one of the many successful ways Crumbl has grown in popularity all over the country.

Crumbl has blown up on Tik Tok due to their high quality advertising on their page with over two million followers. Many Tik Tok users have based their entire platforms by doing cookie reviews each week on the new flavors and either hype up the company or completely tear down cookies they find gross.

I was lucky enough to review this past week’s four new flavors celebrating the four year anniversary of Crumbl cookies: funfetti milkshake, brownie batter, peanut butter brittle and original ft. golden oreo cookie pieces.

I started my review with the brownie batter cookie, which I thought would be good but not too amazing since chocolate cookies aren’t my favorite. Boy was I wrong, because this cookie was spectacular! The chocolate was perfectly rich and tasted like a brownie but with a cookie twist. It was served warm which made the middle super gooey and melted in your mouth. I give this cookie a 9.5/10.

Next up was original ft. golden oreo cookie pieces. I was very hesitant to try this one because I have never eaten a golden oreo in the first place and had no idea what to expect. However, let me tell you how incredible it was. The cookie had an original base flavor with white chocolate chips and golden oreo pieces. It was also served warm which made it a million times better because it melted the icing on top to the perfect consistency. The icing itself was a cream cheese frosting, and I have eaten many Crumbl cookies with this icing and have concluded they make the best cream cheese frosting ever! It’s a 10/10 for me!

I then tried the peanut butter brittle cookie and let’s just say, I was overwhelmed by peanut butter. The cookie was an original base with crunchy peanuts topped with a peanut butter mousse. I hated the icing because it tasted exactly like regular peanut butter from the jar. It was not sweet in any way and neither was the cookie to balance out the heavy peanut butter on top. It was served warm as well which honestly made it worse because I felt like the peanut butter was clogging my throat. Unfortunately, I give this cookie a 2/10; I was really disappointed to say the least on this one.

Finally, I tried funfetti milkshake, a chilled sugar cookie rolled in sprinkles and topped with cake flavored buttercream. This cookie tasted extremely simple and gentle right after consuming that heavy peanut butter cookie which was a nice switch. The flavor was very subtle, maybe a little too subtle but still was a delicious cookie overall. With that in mind, I give the last cookie a 7/10.

Crumbl nailed some flavors last week but others did not live up to my expectations. Unfortunately, that peanut butter cookie was so bad that it dropped my rating a bit. I will say that, overall, Crumbl had three amazing flavors that I would definitely eat again. Go check out this week’s pink lineup with pink velvet, ruby chocolate chip, chocolate strawberry cheesecake and pink doughnut in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!