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September 30, 2021

The new Journalism and Broadcasting studio is starting to take it’s shape and students can’t wait to be in here next semester

Lexi Bross

The new Journalism and Broadcasting studio is starting to take it’s shape and students can’t wait to be in here next semester

The Center for the Sciences isn’t only for the science classes at St. Dominic — the journalism class getting a room there as well! This new space will not only accommodate journalism students, but also provide a huge advantage for the brand new broadcasting class.

The Broadcasting class is new this year, providing students with the opportunity to learn how to set up all of the livestreams, commentate for major sports events and produce the weekly Crusader Nation News.

So many of our kids are interested in some element of broadcasting. From commentating to running sound boards to carrying around a mobile camera, these students are primed and ready to go. Broadcasting class was really a no-brainer to add to our Journalism program,” the Journalism and Broadcasting teacher Mr. Duncan said.

With so much going on and an entire class being added, space has been an issue. When you look into the journalism and broadcasting class, it is packed to the brim with engaged students.

We have really outgrown our space. Each year we keep evolving and adding more opportunities and we need the space to accommodate those growing needs,” Mr. Duncan said.

Mr. Duncan has witnessed the journalism program since it began in 2008, and is amazed at how it has taken off and grown so much in his 19 years at St. Dominic.

“When I started the journalism program back up at Dominic, we were printing the paper ourselves and it was basically a newsletter. It has grown from there to a full-blown online paper, There was no broadcast or podcast or anything like that. It has grown to provide so many opportunities for our students now,” Mr. Duncan said.

The studio is going to have new cameras, a teleprompter, an anchor desk, new computers to run a switcher and many other small things that will enhance the class and program as a whole. Senior Elise Newman has been greatly impacted by the journalism program since she started in Journalism 1 her sophomore year.

“Journalism has helped make me into the person I am today. Mr. Duncan has not only taught me about journalism, but how to be a more confident person and use my talents to my advantage. Mr. Duncan saw potential in me and pushed me to continue to take journalism after J1, and even then still pushes me every class. I’ve learned to be a more disciplined student and Mr. Duncan continues to push me to give my all. Without this class, I never would have explored journalism and never would have been exposed to some amazing opportunities,” said Newman.

Newman plans on attending Mizzou next fall and making a career out of journalism, thanks to this program. Newman is excited to see what opportunities the new studio will bring and help prepare her for college.

“I’m hoping to accomplish some incredible projects and learn about all of the new technology. I can’t wait to use it to explore more of the world of broadcast journalism and to see what we can do,” said Newman.

Senior Max Williams has also been impacted by the program and is planning on attending either Arizona State University, Syracuse University or Mizzou to pursue a degree in Broadcasting/Digital Journalism with a concentration on sports.

“Working to really build up the livestreaming program in particular has opened up a whole world of opportunities for me. Without the incredible journalism and broadcasting classes available here at St. Dominic, I never would have found what I really love to do,” Williams said.

Williams has hit the ground running in his senior year and has an internship at Missouri Baptist College with their sports broadcasting program and is excited to see what the new studio will bring for current students and in the future.

“I know that I will only really be able to check out the new studio for a couple of months, but I hope to maximize my time there and to add to my portfolio before going off to college. I think all of the new technology is going to be a huge benefit not only to me but for all students and prospective students who are younger than me, and I cannot wait to see the work that comes out of this studio over the next few years,” said Williams.

The building is set to be opened next semester and everyone is eagerly waiting! There are still a lot of details to work out, and we won’t know exactly how the journalism and broadcasting classroom will be set up, but everyone is patiently awaiting the day where we get to move into our new home!

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