Social Savvy at School

St. Dominic takes on social media at school

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St. Dominic takes on social media at school

McKinley Curran, Podcast Editor

St. Dominic has become highly involved with social media. Most clubs, sports and even some classes have their own social media accounts. Using social media has given these organizations various outlets to promote themselves and their activities.

One impactful aspect of social media at St. Dominic is the Broadcasting and Journalism department. Journalism uses Instagram to promote their articles. Additionally, the department keeps St. Dominic updated with episodes from our podcast, Crusader Conversations.

One member of the Journalism department is senior Lexi Bross. Lexi is the Social Media Editor, meaning she ensures that posts are up to date and align with what is posted on the website. She makes sure that the posts draw the audience in and make them excited to read the articles.

“I think it is important that Saint Dominic is involved on social media to keep the students informed by meeting them where they are most active on [social media],” Lexi Bross said.

Journalism is not the only way that social media ties into the Crusaders’ lives. Each of the six houses at St. Dominic have an Instagram account. On their pages, they announce upcoming events to get their families excited about things happening within their house.

Lastly, our Crusaders follow certain Twitter and Instagram accounts such as The SDHS STUDENT and Mr. Welby. Following these accounts keeping our Crusaders updated on themes for sporting events, days they can dress down and the St. Dominic’s schedule.

Social media is increasingly popular in the world and St. Dominic is no exception. It is a great way for students, teachers and families to stay connected within the Crusader community.