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House Gaudium remains the biggest threat for this year

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House Gaudium remains the biggest threat for this year

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

House Gaudium is and always has been one of the biggest targets in the house system. They don’t plan to let that title fall as they hope to win the house cup this year!

Since the beginning of the house system, House Gaudium has been one of the biggest targets. They have always been a top competitor by being the loudest at house competitions and encouraging total participation in everything they do.

“From the very start of the house system we’ve been targeted. I think it’s because we won the very first competition. We rocked the gym that day and the reverberations are still being felt in this school. We like the competition, it makes us better and allows us to thrive,” Gaudium House Mentor Mr. Struttmann said.

Mr. Struttmann believes that Gaudium has a lot of good qualities that allow them to be so successful and that’s why they are a main target. All of the other houses want to go after the house that seems like the biggest threat. Throughout the past couple years, that threat has been Gaudium.

“I think our greatest quality is joy. Our motto is to ‘Choose Joy Always.’ We try to consciously choose joy each day. If we have fun, then everything we do is worth it,” Mr. Struttmann said.

Mr. Struttmann thinks his house is the biggest competition because they work hard to create a good community and to get everyone to participate. He thinks in order to be successful you have to have full participation. The community achieves this through the leaders of House Gaudium being committed to helping everyone grow. Gaudium plans to remain on top as the biggest threat this year, but they have to work for it.

“This year is a new year. Last year doesn’t mean anything so we have to prove that we deserve to be on top. This year has started off strong in Gaudium mainly because of our student leadership. If we have good leadership and good communication we will have another successful year,” Mr. Struttmann said.

Gaudium is ready to take on the other houses as they all battle for the house cup! They are one of the houses to watch out for this year as they plan to climb to the top of the leaderboard.