SDHS Siblings

Senior siblings Garrett and Marian Havrilla smile for a photo

McKinley Curran

Senior siblings Garrett and Marian Havrilla smile for a photo

McKinley Curran, Staff Writer

St. Dominic is a fun environment to learn and grow, and many view a high school as a place to branch out and try new things. However, having a sibling attending school with you can drastically change your high school experience. With so many families here at St. Dominic, we decided to bring the topic to them and find out what they think of going to school with their sibling.

For students with older siblings, it is nice to have someone to look up to and show them the ropes. Older siblings can help their family members feel less overwhelmed as they begin a new chapter of their lives.

“It’s nice to see my sister around school. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know that I can rely on her. We also have one of the same favorite teachers, Ms. Robbins, so we both compete to be her favorite,” sophomore Ellie Curran said.

Although some worry about sibling rivalry, having siblings at the same school actually has many benefits for families. There has been many research studies on the topic. The University of Essex has found that older siblings can help boost their younger siblings’ academics.

“I love going to school with my sister. She is my best friend and some of her friends have also become my friends. I think we have grown even closer since going to high school together. It’s going to be sad if we don’t go to the same college after she graduates,” senior Abby Obert said.

Many people would think going to school with their siblings would be difficult, but most Crusaders don’t seem too bothered by it. Even though these Crusader siblings are together at home, they also love being together at school!