Fantasy Football Fun

It’s that time of the year: St. Dominic’s Fantasy Football teams

Johnathan Witt

It’s that time of the year: St. Dominic’s Fantasy Football teams

Mikey Mueller, Staff Writer

This month kicked off the football season, and while some are looking forward to watching the sport in person, many are even more excited about keeping up with their fantasy league. Fantasy football is a fun and compelling activity in which many in the St. Dominic community enjoy partaking.  

The NFL is the most-followed sport in America, so it makes sense that its fantasy league is popular as well. Although it is fun to watch your favorite football team play, it can be even more exciting to create a team of your own. One fantasy football participant is our very own Mr. Small. Mr. Small enjoys playing fantasy football with his family. 

“My family participates because they usually have a prize; sometimes it’s money and sometimes it’s a trophy,” Mr. Small said.

Another family involved in fantasy football is the Duncan family. Mr. Duncan and his son Jack spend their Sunday afternoons talking about football and discussing players’ strategies. 

“Since Jack joined our league, it has been great because we can talk football all the time,” Mr. Duncan said. 

It is not just teachers who are fans of the game; many of our students are immersed in fantasy leagues as well. Junior Jackson Overton participates in a league with many of his friends. Whomever gets the most points at the end of the league gets the bragging rights until next season.

Fantasy football is amazing because it takes a whole new spin on football. Football fans of all ages have the ability to create “dream teams” and compete with their friends and family. Fantasy football is a great way to promote friendly competition and bring people with similar passions closer together.

So no matter if you have Christian McCaffrey and are taking heat from your friends because he’s hurt again, or you took Rob Gronkowski in the third round and everyone snickered at you, but after two weeks and four touchdowns, you’re the one having the last laugh, it’s all good as fantasy football makes the season full of ups, downs and plenty of chances to smack talk.