Dignitas is Dig Dig Digging a Hole

Mr. Small is not succeeding in his plans for Dignitas

Abby Obert

Mr. Small is not succeeding in his plans for Dignitas

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

In the next section of House Highlights we are moving away from spotlighting the leaders and toward the biggest threats in the house system or something that makes them unique. Dignitas especially has had some great participation so far, but their ideas haven’t always been the best but they’re trying..

At the beginning of the year, Dignitas House Mentor, Mr. Small came up with the idea to host a hallway dodgeball tournament among the families of his house. It started off really well until they knocked down hallway neighbor Temperentia’s sign. This is when it started going downhill.

“I have nothing against Temperentia. Their sign was a little on our side of the hallway and a dodgeball accidentally hit it and ripped the sign,” Mr. Small said.

After the incident, they made sure to move the contest outdoors so nothing would be broken. Mr. Small really liked the idea of the dodgeball tournament because he had full house participation and thinks it really brought everyone together.

“We couldn’t reserve the gym everyday, so I wanted to find a place where we could play during each family time. We wanted to get it done quicker. I thought it was a good way to get everyone involved. I need to be better at running my ideas past administration,” Mr. Small said.

That was not the only mistake Dignitas has made this year. Strike two came when they started a conga line through every hallway of school.

“We were having a block party and someone started a conga line. Everyone was participating so we started moving into other areas. It was a very bad idea. The intentions were there, but it went way too far,” Mr Small said.

Although Dignitas has not always made the best choices at the start of the year, they are a house that people should be on the lookout for. They have already formed a really close bond with each other. They have a schedule that the whole house follows each week. Mondays are outside activities, Tuesdays are for watching the broadcast, Wednesdays and Thursdays are for families to play smaller games, and Fridays are block parties.

Dignitas is going to be a big competitor and the other houses should be on the lookout for them this year. Even though they have made a few poor decisions, they have also done a great job of getting students to participate and are ready to chase after the House Cup!