Hoyt’s Happy to be Here


Jim Faasen

Señora Hoyt is one of the many new teachers to welcome this year!

Paige Hunt, Copy Editor

St. Dominic is blessed to introduce so many new faces in our faculty this year. Among these new recruits is Spanish teacher, Señora Hoyt!

With over 20 years of teaching, Señora Julie Hoyt has a ton of Spanish-speaking experience. She went to Missouri State University and Washington University in St. Louis as well as Middlebury College and Webster University. She even attended Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and Universität Trier in Germany! 

Although teaching is now Señora Hoyt’s passion, she also considered working as an interpreter or in international business. Señora Hoyt was drawn to St. Dominic because of our online presence, but she stayed because of our “obvious care and love for students.”

“I loved learning Spanish, and I want to see more understanding between human beings in this world.  Teaching Spanish addresses that need while allowing me to use a language I love,” Señora Hoyt said.

Here at St. Dominic, Señora Hoyt teaches students of all ages in Spanish classes at levels two to five, and she could not be more excited! There are many aspects of the classroom she enjoys, but none more than hearing her students laugh while participating in activities.

While Señora Hoyt loves being at school, she also looks forward to hobbies outside the classroom. Among her many interests are kayaking, gardening, embroidery and reading. Señora Hoyt is quite adventurous, attending many concerts and traveling the world!

We are so glad to have another fun face here at St. Dominic! Señora Hoyt is looking forward to an exciting year, so if you see her in the halls, be sure to say “hola”!