Spirit Week Day 4: Dress Like A Teacher


Lexi Bross

Dress like a teacher day was a success!

Lexi Bross, Media Editor

Today caused a lot of confusion because teachers dressed as students and students dressed as teachers for the fourth day of spirit week!

The freshman class winner was Ava Schwane. She dressed up like Mr. Long. She drew on a beard and wore her dad’s pants, belt and shirt. She also made a pizza, as that is Mr. Long’s favorite meal, and taped it to her shirt.

“I dressed like Mr. Long because he is my favorite and I thought that it would be funny,” Schwane said.

Schwane didn’t think she was going to win because a lot of people were wearing suits, but she said she tried so hard and thought that she still had a chance.

Sophomore Lauren Morris dressed up as Mrs. Duncan. Morris chose her because she makes geometry fun. Morris wore a khaki suit and tennis shoes with a hair barrette. Morris had hoped she would win and was excited when she did.

“Mrs. Duncan said she loved my outfit,” Morris said.

Junior Nico Chiaradonna took a different approach when he picked his teacher. He chose Jesus Christ and got the win for the junior class. He wore a Togo over his clothes.

“I thought my idea was very out of the box, I had confidence in winning,” Chiaradonna said.

Senior Caroline Cunningham pulled of the win dressed as Mr. Winkelmann.

“I thought he was just the most iconic crazy teacher to dress as and I had so much fun going all out,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham wore a green shirt, Winkelmann’s choice of shirt to wear on Tuesday’s, she wore her Caritas shirt over it with some regular kayaking slacks. She sported glasses and a name tag with his name on it. Then she got an orange wig, like the one Mr. Winkelmann wore at the house reveal, and socks with his favorite saint on them.

“Mr. Winkelmann wasn’t here today but a lot of people emailed or texted him pictures and he said it was disturbing,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham felt pretty confident about her outfit, but was unsure because there were so many other good costumes in the senior class, but she was excited when she won!

Be sure to wear blue if you are a sophomore and junior and if you are a senior or freshman wear white for the last day of spirit week and the big pep rally!