Welcoming Little Crusaders

St. Dominic students throw Mrs. Eichmeyer a baby shower!


St. Dominic students throw Mrs. Eichmeyer a baby shower!

McKinley Curran, Podcast Editor

This year St. Dominic is welcoming many new Crusaders, but these new additions aren’t freshmen. Several of our teachers are expecting! So far, three new additions were already born and seven more newborn Crusader babies on their way.

Mrs. Eichmeyer is one of the current pregnant teachers. She is a literature teacher here at St. Dominic and is anxious to have her baby soon. This will be her third boy and she is so excited because she loves being a boy mom!

Mrs. Schuler has just come back from her maternity leave after having her second child, little girl, Clemmy Joe, about a month ago. Mrs. Schuler is an assistant principal at St. Dominic and is excited to welcome Clemmy Joe to the Crusader family!

French teacher Madame Brannock is also expecting and she is so excited to welcome her first baby.

“The most exciting experience so far has been seeing our baby during the ultrasounds and hearing his/her heartbeat! At 8 weeks, our baby’s heart rate was 162 beats per minute! During the 12 week ultrasound, our baby was jumping up and down and moving his/her arms. Whenever I would move a lot or laugh, the baby would react and change positions,” Mme. Brannock said.

Alongside all the new mamas around St. Dominic, Mr. Tock, Mr. Long, Mr. Nick Schlenke and Mr. Lewis are also welcoming new Crusaders.

“For me, as an only child, it is exciting that our son Lucas will have a sibling. That is something I am looking forward to experiencing as a parent,” said Mr. Schlenke.

“Even as a dad, pregnancy is stressful. I love being able to see Layla’s smile,” says Tock.

All of the high school students are so excited to welcome all the newborn crusaders!