Napoli’s New Niche


Jim Faasen

Ms. Napoli is looking forward to a great first year at St. Dominic

Paige Hunt, Copy Editor

St. Dominic is welcoming many new teachers this year, and Ms. Allisyn Napoli is no exception! Ms. Napoli began teaching art in August and is looking forward to an exciting year.

After graduating from Missouri State University, Ms. Napoli could not wait to start her first year as a teacher at St. Dominic. There is much to enjoy about being a teacher, and Ms. Napoli has known since high school that teaching was her calling.

“I’ve always loved everything art-related, and I really enjoyed being involved in my school community. This is how I knew being an art teacher would be perfect for me!” Ms. Napoli said.

Once Ms. Napoli decided what career to pursue, her next step was finding the right place to teach. Luckily, it was not a hard decision for the young instructor.

“I decided to work at St. Dominic because I love the community! Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help one another,” Ms. Napoli said.

Ms. Napoli teaches students of all grades in classes such as introduction to art, lettering and design and digital art. However, don’t confuse her with her sister Mrs. Alexandra O’Leary who teaches english classes at St. Dominic! Although she has only been here for a couple of weeks, Mrs. Napoli has big plans for this year.

“I am looking forward to creating some cool art and having fun! I have a lot of neat projects planned and I cannot wait to get started on them!” Ms. Napoli said.

When she is not at school, Ms. Napoli loves to drink coffee, spend time with friends and have fun outdoors. She also enjoys finding creative ways to be crafty!

Ms. Napoli is sure to bring lots of new energy and ideas to art classes, and we are delighted to have her and her talents here at St. Dominic!