Shoot and Scoir the College of your Choice

Mrs. Nero guiding senior, Abby Obert, using Scoir

Allison Herbert

Mrs. Nero guiding senior, Abby Obert, using Scoir

Allison Herbert, Staff Writer

Guiding students on their journey to success has always been an essential part to St. Dominic. Even as freshmen, counselors help new students fit into the best classes that will lead them in the right academic direction. Recently, St. Dominic’s counselors, Mrs. Nero and Mrs. Liszewski, have shared a new resource: Scoir, an app that maximizes opportunities and easily guides seniors to decide the college that best suits them.

Each senior met with one junior/senior guidance counselor and used Scoir to discuss colleges that have an appropriate course plan for that student. This program aids stressed out seniors navigate through different schools’ tuition, housing, diversity and primary majors.

“Students can begin the journey in Scoir by utilizing the Youscience program. This tool will help students gain insight into best fit careers and college majors. Our students can also use Scoir to ‘follow’ their selected colleges, while parents can recommend colleges to their child on this platform. Students can complete college comparisons and research their schools to get more detailed information,” Mrs. Nero said.

Not only can Scoir help seniors decide which school is best for them, but it also aids the application process. Scoir provides easy transportation of all mandatory documents and recommendations to the applied schools.

“Once a student chooses to apply to a college and the application is complete their counselor is notified and sends the appropriate documents to the school. Students are encouraged to complete the brag sheet in Scoir, which can then be used by their teachers when writing letters of recommendation. The teachers upload their letters of recommendation onto Scoir and it is sent along with all other documents needed by the college admissions office,” Mrs. Nero said.

The Scoir app has innovated the way students at St. Dominic can select their prefered school to reduce stress. It created an easy and organized way for students to find important information and compare it to other schools on the same website. Scoir is definitely something to keep around because it allows students to research and discover their dream school.