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The House Coordinators are working to improve the house system

Abby Obert

The House Coordinators are working to improve the house system

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

In this issue of House Highlight, we are featuring the House Coordinators. These three teachers work to the best of their ability to make the house system a place that feels like home.

The first coordinator is Mrs. Hagan. She is the cybersecurity teacher here and is really excited for this year. She has enjoyed seeing the Heads of Houses work together and grow closer. Something she is most excited about is getting back to normal since we were not able to do some things in the house system last year due to COVID. Mrs. Hagan is improving the house system by holding a training session for the leaders and by hosting leadership meetings. Her main role is to support the leaders specifically in House Temperentia, House Gratia, and House Virtus. She fills in wherever she is needed most of the time.

“My favorite component of the house system is the community it creates and enhances. Watching the new members become part of a family and feeling like they are a part of the larger House community is very gratifying,” Mrs. Hagan said.

Next up is Mrs. Schuler! She is most excited for everyone to have leadership opportunities. She loves how students from each grade can participate and be a leader in the house system. Her biggest role is being the main coordinator and she makes sure everything in the house system is planned and running smoothly. This year each house is supporting a different philanthropy organization and she is really excited about this. This program will be a great example of service and community, two of the four pillars at St. Dominic.

“My favorite component of the House System is its ability to bring students and teachers from all walks of life together. Through the house system, everyone at St. Dominic has a home and should feel like they belong,” Mrs. Schuler said.

Last but not least is Mr. Duncan! His main role in the house system is to help Mrs. Schuler wherever she needs it. He is working to improve the house system by supporting the Heads of House, House Mentors, and Family Captains constantly. He is looking forward to having the house system back to normal and to see all the fun activities each family has planned. He has really seen the Heads of House bond and work consistently to start the year off on the right foot. He wants each family to feel like they are home.

“I love how the freshman immediately have a place to land. It means something to them to have upperclassmen and teachers who know and care about them,” Mr. Duncan said.

The House Coordinators are a big part of the house system at St. Dominic and it would not be the same without them. This year is going to be a great one for the houses and they are the ones to thank!