Spirit Week Day 1: Comfy Day

Comfy day was a great start to our Crusader Spirit week!

Lexi Bross

Comfy day was a great start to our Crusader Spirit week!

Lexi Bross, Media Editor

A great start to our Homecoming Spirit Week was by having a comfy day! Being able to roll out of bed and go to school in your pj’s is a favorite in the St. Dominic Community.

“I worked late last night so getting to crawl out of bed and get to come to school is a great feeling,” senior Lauren Reddy said.

Each family sent their best comfy dressed student to be judged by teachers and administrators. The winner was sophomore Thomas Pulliam, who was sporting a Simba onesie.

“I thought I had a pretty good chance to win and I got a king size Crispy Crunchy Reeses,” Pulliam said.

Science teacher and Gratia House Mentor, Mrs. Juergensmeyer, gave each of the Gratia families an incentive to participate in dressing up for spirit week. The family with the most participation gets a donut day!

Even the teachers love comfy day! They get a kick out of dressing comfortably.

“I love it when I get to come to work in my comfiest clothes,” English teacher Mrs. Goins said.

Overall, comfy day was a hit! Everyone appreciated being able to get up and just come straight to school! Stay tuned for Tuesday’s article about Country vs Coastal!