Freshmen Take the Field


Kennedy Jones

The freshmen boys soccer team takes the field

Mikey Mueller, Staff Writer

Although freshmen teams tend to be overshadowed by their varsity counterparts, here at St. Dominic, we are proud to honor all levels of athletics. From freshman to senior year, St. Dominic makes an effort to celebrate the achievements of each and every Crusader athlete.

Volleyball is just one of our esteemed freshmen teams. The program is intense, but with so many talented players this year, St. Dominic ended up creating two freshman girls’ teams. Both teams are excelling and working hard to improve their skills as the season continues.

Soccer is another sport to be sure to watch. Last year, the varsity boys team made it to the final four. Last season’s success gave the freshmen a lot to live up to as many of them hope to reach state in their future soccer career. 

“I have been really impressed with the team’s focus in training and commitment to carry that work into the matches they play. For such a young group of athletes, they have shown a strong level of maturity and discipline for their age, and I think that has played a big role in their early successes,” head coach Schlenke said. 

The freshmen football team has been putting in the work, and it is finally paying off. The boys spent all summer practicing, spending many early mornings and late nights preparing for their first ever high school season. Thanks to their dedication, the freshmen team’s first game was a success, with a 27-12 win over Wright City. The boys are on a roll and ready for whomever comes their way.

The freshmen class never fails to come out and support the Varsity and JV games, so it’s time for the rest of us to return the favor and cheer them on, too. Be sure to check out the sports bulletin and join us in making our freshman feel appreciated in the St. Dominic community!