Check Out Charley’s Aunt!

St. Dominic’s fall play, Charley’s Aunt, is underway as of last week

Pioneer Drama Service

St. Dominic’s fall play, Charley’s Aunt, is underway as of last week

Paige Hunt, Copy Editor

Last week, the Crusader Players auditioned for St. Dominic’s fall play, Charley’s Aunt. The cast list was announced soon afterwards, and our performers are thrilled to kick off rehearsals this week for the first show of the year.

Charley’s Aunt is a comical play about a young man named Charley and his friend, Jack and their attempt to woo two girls, Amy and Kitty. The boys plan to ask Charley’s aunt to chaperone their date, but when she does not show up, things begin to go sideways.

Luckily, Charley and Jack are able to salvage their evening by convincing their friend, Babbs, to pretend to be Charley’s aunt. Chaos and confusion ensue in what is sure to be a show that will keep you laughing non stop!

Similar to past fall plays such as Clue and You Can’t Take It With You, Charley’s Aunt has been double-casted. Double-casting a show gives performers an opportunity to bring different dynamics to the same character.

Senior Elise Newman and junior Gia Danhoff both received the role of Kitty Verdun for their respective shows.

“I love the fact that it allows for more people to get the chance to perform and be a part of this show,” Danhoff said.

The cast are not the only ones looking forward to the show. St. Dominic’s performing arts crew has already commenced preparations for Charley’s Aunt.

“When it comes to theater, we definitely like to hit the ground running. I’ve already started brainstorming costume design ideas,” senior costume designer Hallie Fisher said.

Opening night for Charley’s Aunt is Friday, November 5, with more shows following on the 6th and 7th. Although our performers still have a ways to go, be sure to mark your calendars as this is a show you don’t want to miss!