Mentor Mania

Gaudium mentor Mr. Struttmann talks with leaders about upcoming competitions

Abby Obert

Gaudium mentor Mr. Struttmann talks with leaders about upcoming competitions

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

Our second edition of the House Highlight brings you the House Mentors! Our Mentors have been actively working to make the house system the best it can be for this upcoming school year!

Mr. Winkelmann is the House Mentor for Caritas. His biggest role is to support everyone in his house, including teachers, HOHs and family captains. He wants to make an environment where his family can grow and learn.

“I think the house system unites us toward a single goal of the cup, but it also gives you a sense of being a part of something bigger than yourself,” Mr. Winkelmann said.

In his free time, Mr. Winkelmann likes to play board games and read comics. He took on the role of House Mentor because of how much he loves the St. Dominic community.

Next up is Mr. Small, Mentor of House Dignitas! Mr. Small took on the position of House Mentor when he came to St. Dominic because he was a founding member of another house system at his previous school. He loves how the house system brings the school community closer together and believes the relationships made during family time are ones that last for a long time.

“The fact that I get to have a positive influence on students’ lives while being crazy, being competitive and having the sit down time to get to know one another is truly special. Who wouldn’t want a role in the House System?” Mr. Small said.

When he is not at school, Mr. Small loves talking about Marvel, playing board games and golfing with coworkers. This year, he hopes to help make his house feel like a home.

Mrs. Johnson is up next in the spotlight for House Mentors. She is the mentor for House Virtus and is excited to get the competitors going. Her role involves guiding the senior leadership teams to success and empowering them to become great leaders.

“I think the house system creates great leadership opportunities for students and helps us get to know each other better in the small communities,” Mrs. Johnson said.

In her free time, she likes shopping, spending time with friends and watching the Cardinals play baseball. This year, she aspires to continue to build up the house system at St. Dominic.

Gaudium House Mentor, Mr. Struttmann is excited for bigger and better competitions this year. He hopes that houses can show out at sports games to bring up the energy.

“The words ‘family’ and ‘house’ aren’t an accident. We want everyone to feel a part of a family because when you start to feel that connection great things can happen. Each student has somewhere they belong no matter what. Overall, I think it has the potential to have a lasting impact on our students and our community,” Mr. Struttmann said.

In his free time, Mr. Struttmann likes to spend time with his wife and watch sports, especially soccer and golf. He accepted the House Mentor role because he wants to make everyone in his house feel welcome.

Representing House Temperantia is Mrs. Brannock, who  is ready to take on the new competitions this year!

“I accepted this role because I hope to be a part of creating a strong and united house. I want to support students in their journey of becoming strong leaders and create a house of which the families feel proud to call their own,” Mrs. Brannock said.

In her free time, she likes to bake, watch MasterChef Junior with her husband and go shopping at TJ Maxx. Her plan for this year is to support the house leaders and bring everyone closer together.

Last but not least, Mrs. Juergensmeyer is the House Mentor for Gratia, and she could not be more excited for this year!

“The St. Dominic House System builds connections throughout our school community. Freshmen, new teachers and staff, transfers all have a place to go to feel welcomed and cared for,” Mrs. Juergensmeyer said.

While she does not have much free time, she likes to take pictures if she can. She is pumped to work with a strong leadership team and to build up a strong house. She especially loves how it brings the St. Dominic community together.

The House Mentors have been working very hard to help the house system grow and get everyone in their house involved. Their ultimate goal is to make every in the St. Dominic houses one big family!