Hurricane Ida Wreaks Havoc

Hurricane Ida causes huge power outages and strong winds, especially in the New Orleans area

The Guardian

Hurricane Ida causes huge power outages and strong winds, especially in the New Orleans area

Emma Larkin, Staff Writer

Monday, August 30, was a challenging day for most residents of Louisiana and Mississippi as Hurricane Ida swept through both states. Rescuers, using boats, helicopters and high-water trucks, brought as many citizens as possible to safety.

Many were trapped by the ravaging floodwaters caused by the storm. Rivers and streams surrounded not only houses, but entire neighborhoods. Individuals were trapped as roads were blocked with trees, debris and water. Residents who were previously living among the rivers of the Gulf Coast fled to their attics or roofs to avoid the water and sent out detailed descriptions of how to find them for rescue teams to use.

On Sunday afternoon, Hurricane Ida pushed through the mainland and immediately started causing destruction. The hurricane has wreaked havoc on the electrical grid system in the area and caused state-wide blackouts. Cities such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge, along with the states of Louisiana and Texas, reported more than one million homes and businesses without power.

Even here at St. Dominic, students and faculty are doing whatever they can to help. Learning consultant Mrs. Kelly Faulkner is opening her home to a family friend while Ida runs its course.

“We’ve tried our best to create as welcoming of an atmosphere as possible. We’ve turned everything into a positive experience,” Faulkner said.

Officials are now saying Ida could be one of the most powerful and dangerous hurricanes ever to strike the mainland. The damage to the electrical grid was so extensive that experts warned families and businesses it could be weeks before the power grid was completely repaired.

The storm was downgraded to a tropical depression on Monday afternoon. However, it has continued to make its way further inland. The storm is officially responsible for two deaths, a person hit by a fallen tree in Baton Rouge, and a New Orleans motorist who drowned.  

Fortunately, organizations such as FEMA have deployed nearly 3,600 employees to states such as Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. Since that time, more than 3.4 million meals and liters of water have been distributed. Additionally, to help with the lack of power, almost 200 generators were supplied to those in the region, according to the Biden administration. Continue to pray for all of the victims who have been affected by Hurricane Ida.