Head to Head: Meeting the Heads of Houses

Heads of House prepare to take home the house cup!

Heads of House prepare to take home the house cup!

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

A new school year means bringing in new leadership for our house system. Get to know a little about our Heads of House (HOH) and what they have planned for this year!

First up is House Dignitas! Owen Gober and Julia Reiter have been working very hard to prepare for this year. Some of Gober’s favorite things to do are fish, play soccer and hang out with his friends. Reiter loves hiking, fishing and being outdoors. These HOHs have many good ideas for this upcoming year and are ready to bring out their competitive sides!

“I hope to bring my house closer together and become a force to be reckoned with by winning the house cup,” Gober said.

Next up is House Gratia! Riley Monroe and Luke Cullison are a power duo when it comes to the house system. Something interesting about them is their favorite foods. Monroe loves sushi, but Cullison likes Mexican food (especially quesadillas). Their hope for this year is to get everyone involved and hopefully win the house cup.

“My hope is that everyone in the house feels like they belong and have a fun time in the house activities,” Cullison said.

House Virtus is up next in the spotlight! Alli Herbert and Brennon Schulz have one goal in mind: the house cup. When Herbert is not at school she loves to run, cook and go online shopping. Schulz likes watching TV and playing sports. Some goals, other than winning the cup, that they have this year are to advertise each competition on social media and to get everyone to participate.

“We hope to unite families within our house, keep our social media up to date, and really include everyone in the school, by working with each HOH to give and receive advice,” Herbert said.

Matthew Willenbrink and Gracie Edwards are ready to get House Caritas pumped up for this year. When Willenbrink is not playing sports, he likes to be in the stands at the soccer games because of how crazy the crowd goes when a goal is scored. Edwards also plays sports, but loves being in the student section at basketball games. They both have some very good ideas for this year, but are planning to keep those secretive as they are hoping to win the house cup.

“My hope for my house is to obviously win the cup, but another goal we have is to get everyone to buy into what we are doing and for each member to have Caritas pride. That way, whether we win or lose, we will have a lot of fun no matter what,” Willenbrink said.

House Temperentia is back and ready to defend the house cup! HOHs Jacob Moore and Ella Field have many plans for this year, but they are being kept top secret! Although they are working together this year, they are very different when it comes to their favorite foods. Moore likes crab legs, but Field’s is breakfast food. They are very excited to get the competitions going for this year!

“I hope to ignite the spirit of competition and bring a strong sense of community to each and every House Temp member,” Moore said.

Last but not least is House Gaudium! They have always been a top competitor, so HOHs Evan Cornett and Jessica Larson plan to keep the energy up. One area they bring their energy to outside of the house system is St. Dominic sporting events. Larson loves watching basketball because having the student section inside the gym makes for a great atmosphere. Cornett likes to cheer on his friends at football games. Of course they finally want to win the house cup, so they have many ideas for this upcoming year.

“I think that to be able to win the house cup, all of the members of our house need to have fun doing the competitions. Because if you are having fun, it makes you want to participate to the best of your ability,” Larson said.

While there is a lot of competitive tension flowing through the halls of St. Dominic, it is bound to be a fun year for everyone in the house system. Like we always say, six houses. One home.