Transitioning into a Crusader

Mr. Welby welcomed new students with his iconic fist bump

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Mr. Welby welcomed new students with his iconic fist bump

Allison Herbert, Staff Writer

Transitioning schools can be extremely nerve-racking, especially when it entails new and uncertain challenges. High school is an entirely new experience and requires comfort and love from students of all ages. This year, St. Dominic has welcomed its biggest freshman class along with many new transfers with open arms.

One of the greatest aspects of enrolling at St. Dominic is the ability to feel important and involved within the first couple weeks of classes. Orientation and half days at the start of the year allow for an easy switch and ease all students into the upcoming year by providing information of sports, clubs and activities students can participate in.

“St. Dominic has a lot of my favorite things, but my favorite thing about St. Dominic is the people and sports. Every person that goes to St. Dominic has so much love and care for each other, they treat each other with a lot of respect and kindness. I play football and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Everybody on freshman, JV, and varsity treat you like family. They always want you to succeed and achieve your goals,” freshman Carter Jones said.

St. Dominic is an evolving technology school, which can cause some stress and anxiety for new students who have not used the software before. Using technology as the primary way of learning is definitely a new feature for freshmen and transfers. However, with the help from any upperclassman or teacher, freshmen and transfers can always find the answers. St. Dominic also allows students to express themselves, providing the flexibility teenagers deserve.

“St. Dominic is different from my grade school in a couple ways. St. Dominic gives us more freedom, like carrying iPads with us wherever we go. My transition from middle school to high school has been going really smoothly. I know where all my classes are, I’m meeting new people, and I get to play high school sports,” Jones said.

New environments, new people and new possibilities can be scary for many, but with the community that St. Dominic has built, freshmen and transfers have endless chances to get involved and create memories that will last a lifetime.