Club Catalogue

The leadership team of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosts their first meeting

Maren Hunt

The leadership team of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosts their first meeting

Paige Hunt, Staff Writer

  • Puzzles, bowling, books, oh my! These are just some of the many clubs that St. Dominic has to offer. Joining clubs is a great way to get involved at school, make new friends and discover new interests.

A.D. Club
A.D., or Anno Domini Club, is a religious club that reviews and discusses the upcoming Sunday Mass readings.

“The main reason we do this is so that when Mass comes, we are more attentive and understanding of what we hear,” senior club leader Ben Eusterbrock said.

Ambassadors Club is a group of St. Dominic students who serve as representatives of St. Dominic. Club members help students who are looking at attending St. Dominic, lead Open House tours, and welcome guests to many special events.

“My favorite part of Ambassadors is being able to meet different people who are a part of the St. Dominic community. I have learned so much from St. Dominic alumni that I have met at different events, and I want to continue learning about St. Dominic and tell others how great our school is,” senior club leader Alina Kohout said.

Book Club
Book Club brings together a group of people who love reading or exploring new genres of books. They meet once a month to discuss a book of the month or other books members have been reading lately.

Bowling Club
Bowling Club is a fun way to spend time with fellow students after school while participating in the game of bowling. The club bowls two games each outing, and averages are kept to see how one will improve over time and who will win it all at the end of the year.

CRU stands for Christ Renews Us, and it is an all-girl prayer group that is focused around how we can be young women of Christ in today’s world.

“My favorite part about CRU is the people. It’s different from other clubs because it’s just girls, so we’re all able to relate to each other and come together in a way no other club can,” senior club leader Kennedy Jones said.

Mighty Crusaders Unite
The MCU club gathers together Marvel fans to discuss past, present, and future Marvel Universe content. They meet around twice a month to watch the movies and are looking forward to examining upcoming Marvel projects such as Spiderman: No Way Home.

Math Team
The Math Team is a club full of math lovers that meet up once a week to discuss and problem-solve challenging numbers problems.

“The problems themselves are different then those that you would see in class, so you just have to think through them, which is really the fun of it. My favorite part is probably the people there and the shared common goal of trying to come together and solve these sometimes ridiculously difficult problems,” senior Sean Walsh said.

Mock Trial
If you are interested in being a lawyer, then this is the perfect club for you. By using documents, evidence and arguments, the team attempts to win a fictitious case against teams from other schools. Mock Trial prepares over the course of almost the whole year to compete in the spring.

“I love that all of us have a good work ethic, so teamwork and focusing under pressure are very easy to learn how to do, which come in very handy for anything related to school,” senior Malachi Gnade said.

Music INC.
Music INC. is St Dominic’s chorus for school Masses. These students share a passion for singing and enjoy expressing their faith musically.

“Every year, we have new members, and it’s really cool to hear how everyone’s voices blend together to create something really beautiful,” senior Savannah Lamb said.

NAHS, or National Arts Honors Society, is a club where artists get to spend time comparing ideas and working on projects. It is a great way to express your creative side and collaborate with like-minded students.

Photography Club
Photography Club is a great way to learn more about photography all while having fun. The club focuses on different themes each month and submits pictures that fit that theme.

“I am most looking forward to teaching everyone the secrets to photography and seeing everyone grow with their skills,” junior club leader Emma Larkin said

The Pro-Life club is an organization that focuses on protecting and preserving the dignity of human life. They meet to discuss current issues and ways to serve the community. The club also takes an annual trip to Washington, D.C., in January to participate in the March for Life movement.

Puzzle Club

Puzzle Club is a club for anyone who loves to have fun with friends and put their minds to work! It incorporates all sorts of activists from jigsaw puzzles to block puzzles and even some of the hardest puzzles in the world.

The Robotics team is a team of dedicated and creative individuals who enjoy engineering and design.

“I would describe robotics as a big family. There’s more to robotics than just building a robot. You have the marketing end and you have the mechanical end. Both sides work hand in hand with each other. No matter what your skills are, whether they be building, coding, designing, marketing, anything like that, we have a spot for you,” senior robotics team captain Kira Findley said.

Viri Dei
Viri Dei is a club of senior men that want to serve God. They strive to be role models in both the school and community by upholding Catholic values.

“Getting to know a wonderful group of young men with whom God is a big part of their life. When Catholics come together to work in service or to praise God, it is a great thing,” club leader Mr. Bob Hennekes said.

Whether you are a fan of math or art or even Marvel movies, St. Dominic has a club for you. Be sure to check the daily bulletin for upcoming meetings, and do not be afraid to try new things!