Students Summer Send Off

 Students enjoyed both scenic and exciting vacations this summer

Emma Larkin

Students enjoyed both scenic and exciting vacations this summer

Josephine Berra, Staff Writer

The summer of 2021 finally gave back what people missed most in their lives; freedom. The decline of the COVID-19 allowed everyone to fully experience their summer for the first time in a year. Pools, amusement parks, beaches and all those fun places you can only attend in the summer were finally open to full capacity.

Citizens no longer have to worry about making reservations, buying tickets or planning out their whole day in advance because life is finally returning to normal. Many students at St. Dominic had a fun-filled summer, and felt that school returned way too fast.

“I went to the lake this summer almost every weekend. I also played baseball and football during the week so it kept me busy but I liked hanging out with my friends the most,” junior Mikey Mueller said.

Another student, Emma Larkin, took a road trip throughout New England. Her favorite stop along the way was in Salem, Massachusetts, which is famously known for the Salem Witch Trials.

“My favorite spot was Salem because there was a lot of history within the city, but it still had the tourism aspect,” Larkin said.

Several of our Crusaders traveled to beautiful beaches over the break. Junior Caitlyn Smith enjoyed her summer by soaking up the sun in Florida with a family friend.

“My favorite part about vacation and summer was probably swimming in the ocean and tanning with my closest friends,” Smith said.

As the summer comes to it’s final close, students take time to reflect and appreciate their first season of complete freedom since the outbreak of COVID-19. With school in full swing it is important for students to gather themselves and prepare for the upcoming year. So gear up Crusaders, and let’s make it a great year.