Tubbs Takes on Teaching


St. Dominic

Mrs. Tubbs is excited for her first year at Dominic

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

Mrs. Samantha Tubbs is one of the many new teachers joining the St. Dominic staff this school year. Getting to know her students is something she looks forward to as this is her first “official” teaching job.

One thing Mrs. Tubbs is really excited about is the block scheduling. She will be teaching a variety of Algebra 1 classes as well as Geometry, which will be full of freshman and sophomores.

The schedule is especially new to her since she previously taught as a substitute teacher at Francis Howell. However, she is thrilled because it brings something different everyday.

“St. Dominic is different from other places I have worked at because it really has a community of people all supporting one another, not only professionally, but socially. I enjoy this environment so much that it doesn’t even feel like a job. St. Dominic is a place that I enjoy coming to everyday,” Mrs. Tubbs said.

One of her favorite things about being a teacher is the impact she can make on young people. She loves that she can help feed the minds of those who might change our world one day. Another thing she has loved since teaching at St. Dominic is the community.

“My favorite thing about the St. Dominic community so far is how open and welcoming everyone is. I’ve only been on campus and around everyone for a few weeks, but I already feel like I have another family here,” Mrs. Tubbs said.

While Mrs. Tubbs is brand new to the school, community, and schedule, she is excited to be a Crusader and is looking forward to the school year.