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The St. Louis Aquarium is a great new summer attraction!

Valerie Schremp Hahn

The St. Louis Aquarium is a great new summer attraction!

Emma Larkin, Staff Writer

School is ending, and summer is almost here! It is officially time for students to relax, hangout with friends and try new things. Whether you are going to be spending your summer inside or venturing out into the open air, there are many different and exciting activities to make sure you have the best summer ever.

One of the classic in-state attractions that you have to visit this summer is Six Flags in Eureka, MO. During the hot summer months, their most popular addition is their water park—appropriately named Hurricane Harbor.

“The Six Flags water park is the best thing ever! The Bonzai Pipeline, the one where you are dropped down, is the best. It is so much fun,” junior Max Williams said.

With more and more venues opening this summer, going to an outdoor concert with your friends is a great place to let loose and have fun. After you find the perfect amphitheater  near you, bring a lawn chair and some snacks and enjoy the show.

With singers and performers such as Harry Styles, Luke Bryan, Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 all playing at different venues this summer, you are sure to find a concert that will be a blast for you and your friends.

The Wheel at Union Station is another beautiful attraction that is worth the long drive to see. The new attraction remains operational every day of the year. During the 15 minute ferris wheel ride, passengers will take three to four rotations around to overlook the breathtaking St. Louis skyline.

The St. Louis Aquarium, also at Union Station, is the perfect opportunity to have an unforgettable underwater experience. Here, you will see all the marine animals that call our rivers home as well as the creatures native to the ocean.

The St. Louis Aquarium offers many different galleries to look at, including a Missouri river animal focused center, the shark canyon habitat where sharks swim free and the deep ocean attraction where you can watch the mysterious world of the sea come to life before your eyes.  

As the end of the school year creeps closer and closer, don’t just think about getting out of school. Rather, visit some of these popular places throughout Missouri.