Eating Your Way Through May

Americans love celebrating national holidays especially when food is involved.

Americans love celebrating national holidays especially when food is involved.

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

The United States sits in tenth place on the list of countries with the highest obesity rate. The nine countries ahead of us have very low populations, to clarify, America is huge, in more ways than one!

Two thirds of the American national holidays in May involve food, so it is no suprise that one in three adults that live in the U.S. are considered obese. This says a lot about where America’s head is at, and let’s just say Americans think with their stomach’s, not their brain’s.

One of the national holidays the U.S. celebrates is National No Diet Day on May 6. This is a day where Americans can set aside their diet plans and eat whatever they want. Since America has one of the highest obesity rates, this day is perfect for those who participate in diet plans to celebrate a cheat day.

On May 11, National Eat What You Want Day takes place. This is a day set aside to fulfill your sweet tooth or frequent an all-you-can-eat buffet. Basically, this is just another day to just eat (something that Americans do best).

While there are certain days to appreciate different food categories, there are also days set aside to celebrate specific foods. Most of the food celebrated in May are not the healthiest options, however.

May 1 is National Chocolate Parfait Day. In the days following there are National Coconut Cream Pie Day, National Chocolate Chip Day and National Taffy Day. There are also national food days that focus on savory cuisine. These include National Crouton Day, National Barbeque Day and National Hamburger Day.

Nowadays people will make a national holiday for anything, and many Americans choose to make food their central priority. America may not be the healthiest country, but when it comes to food, they sure know how to party!