Senior Salutations


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The seniors walk through the Saint Dominic hallways for the last time

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

The Saint Dominic class of 2021 finally finished their last week of classes. Their last day was definitely bittersweet as teachers and students alike said their goodbyes to these wonderful individuals. However, even though the seniors have physically left the building, they’ve all left their lasting marks in unique ways. 

One way seniors have impacted younger classmates is through sports. Serving as captains and leaders, the class of 2021 led our Crusaders through our sports seasons, teaching important lessons to their teammates. Junior Paige Phillips is one of those students that has learned a lot from her senior teammates during her cross country and swim seasons.

“I’ve been doing cross country and swim team since I was a freshman and this year’s seniors have always been some of my favorite people to play with. I’m going to miss having them on the teams next year for sure,” Phillips said. 

Freshman Aiden Wulkolf has also been impacted by seniors on the football team. On and off the field, their constant leadership is something Wulkof has looked up to from day one. 

“I had senior leaders in my lodging groups and they really helped me to love football as much as I do,” Wulkolf said.

Seniors also had a big impact academically in the classrooms. Between seeing them in the classroom and the hallways, the senior class has left their lasting impact on the teachers of Dominic. Religion teacher Mr. Eckhart has been especially fond of the class of ‘21 for the past two years he has been at Dominic.

“I had not taught in 15 years and I walked in the classroom the first day of school with great trepidation, but the senior class helped me to make St. Dominic my home,” Mr. Eckhart said.

Although we will miss the seniors greatly, they are off to their next big adventures in college life. We congratulate the seniors on finishing their high school careers and we can’t wait to see where life takes them!