Life Hacks with Lexi: Finals Edition

With finals coming up, check out these life hacks in order to get the best grade you can!

Webber University

With finals coming up, check out these life hacks in order to get the best grade you can!

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Second semester final exams are right around the corner. Studying for finals can be stressful in so many ways. Here are some of my favorite ways to make study time more effective and enjoyable.

Listening To Music
Listening to music is a great way to focus on studying, however, listening to music with lyrics is distracting and will slow you down. Instrumental music or ambient sounds are more effective and will keep you focused on studying.

Pace Yourself
It can seem a bit intimidating if you feel like you have a lot to do, so study one small section at a time until you understand it. After completing that section, take a quick five minute break. This will ensure that your brain isn’t taking in too much information at a time.

Write It Out
If you need to memorize detailed information for your exam, try writing it out. Studies show that writing out what you’re studying helps you retain the information better. Use a white board to write down your notes or vocabulary words, then erase it and quiz yourself by rewriting them.

Get Creative
If you’re artistic, a perfect way to study is to use lots of colors and illustrations to help you memorize your information. This method is especially effective if you need to memorize diagrams. This is a great way to bring your notes to life and maybe even look forward to studying.

Creating flashcards is the perfect way to study. This tried-and-true study tool is the simplest way to retain information you are trying to learn. They are extremely portable as well so you can study on the go.

Practice Tests
Practice makes perfect! Using a study app like Quizlet allows you to both learn and take a practice test over the information on your final. This is the perfect way to see questions in the test format and prepare yourself for the exam.

Beauty Sleep
Finally, one of the most important parts of preparing for any big test is getting a good night’s sleep. Studies show that if you get at least eight hours of sleep and eat a good breakfast, you will perform better in school.

Though finals may be stressful, you can do it! Remember to take deep breaths and do your best. Summer is right around the corner!