Top 10 College Must-Haves

As the class of 2021 prepares to leave St. Dominic, they must also prepare to deck out their dorms with these college must haves.

St. Dominic

As the class of 2021 prepares to leave St. Dominic, they must also prepare to deck out their dorms with these college must haves.

Emily Baird, Staff Writer

With the end of the school year quickly approaching for our seniors, it’s time to think about college— more specifically, what to pack for the 2021 fall semester. No need to worry because below is a list of the top 10 college must-haves!

1.Three-Tiered Cart

No matter how big (or small) your living space in college is, chances are you will need more storage space. The best solution to your space problem is the trusty three-tiered cart! With this, you will have three shelves to load with snacks, art supplies and anything else you deem fit. It is also portable, so moving it around will not be a hassle.

2. Shower Rack

If you are planning on living in a suite for your freshman year, chances are your shower will not have much room for all of your essentials. A hanging shower rack can provide a place to put your hair-care and more! With a shower caddy , you will not have to worry about dragging your shampoo and conditioner in and out of the bathroom.

3. Rug

Whether you are going to live in a carpeted dorm or not, a rug can provide a clean place to rest your feet after a long day of lectures. Plus, this can seriously improve the “homey” feel of a dorm room.

4. Trash Can (and Bags!)

Let’s be honest, you probably produce a lot of trash, and you are going to need somewhere to put that litter. Instead of walking down the hall to deposit your garbage, you should have a good-sized trash can in your dorm. Be sure not to forget the bags to go with it.

5. Sleeping Bag and/or Air Mattress

This may seem strange, but chances are you could have overnight visitors at some point in college. Whether it is a friend from out of town or just a pal down the hall, they will need somewhere (other than your floor) to sleep. A sleeping bag or air mattress will make sure your guest feels just as comfortable as you are!

6. Wall Planner/Calendar

Notebook planners can be a real pain, especially if you often find it in the bottom of your bookbag. The solution? Put a planner on your wall! Having one right beside your bed or desk will often remind you of lectures, meetings, and due dates. Now you will have no excuse for a late assignment.

7. Dish-Washing Supplies

You may not bring your fancy China to school, but chances are, you will at least have a water bottle at college. That means you will need a way to clean it. Dawn dish soap and a sponge-brush work like magic in keeping your dishes clean, and they do not take up much space.

8. Flash Drives

While not the “flashiest” item on this list, this is an essential. Whether it is for a portfolio or a group project, it is important that you have at least one of these little storage-savers. Flash drives are useful in exporting large files, and some professors may even load their notes onto your drive.

9. Extra Set of Sheets

Eventually, you are going to have to wash your sheets (regardless of how clean you claim they are). While waiting for those sheets to dry, you may want a backup set just so you do not have to lounge on a gross mattress. Plus, these sheets can come in handy if you have a guest and an air mattress.

10. Important Documents

The last (and probably most important) item on this list is your important documents. You may want a job in college, and you will need your social security card for that. If you decide to study abroad, you will also need your passport. Be sure not to leave these at home!

Hopefully, this helped you get a better sense of what to bring to college. Be sure to add these items to your packing list, and check out the Amazon link below to shop these school must-haves (and more!).

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