Cate’s Letter


Cate Cato, Layout Editor

Dear Crusaders,

I started off as a little J1 student in Mr. Duncan’s Journalism class, and quite frankly, I had no idea what to expect. I was filling out my registration form for sophomore year and I had one spot left… freshman year Cate decided that Journalism would have to do—whatever the heck that class was.

Looking back, I can say that decision honestly changed my entire high school experience. In my first year, I was insanely intimidated by all the editors and Mr. Duncan. I remember how I thought he hated me and didn’t expect anything great from me at all—boy was I so wrong! He was one of the very first teachers who made me feel like I had potential, and that I could accomplish great things. My greatest accomplishment, though, is how in the last three years, I have managed to become his favorite and least favorite student at the same time.

When he gave me the job title of “Layout Editor” I was super nervous, because that’s a big responsibility and I had very little time to learn anything about it. Fast forward to today, it’s my last week at school, and this class will by far be the most missed. Journalism gave me some close friends and made me laugh every single time I walked into the class. The endless inside jokes will never get old, and will never be forgotten.

However, I’ll miss annoying Mr. Duncan more than anything else (sorry Duncan!).

Peace Out,

Senior Layout Editor,

Cate Cato