The Evening of Theater Excites

Seniors at the Evening of Theater pay tribute to their time at St. Dominic by performing a medley.

Melfreya Findley

Seniors at the Evening of Theater pay tribute to their time at St. Dominic by performing a medley.

Kennedy Jones, Staff Writer

The annual St. Dominic Evening of Theater was held last Thursday and proved to be a memorable night for the performing arts program. The night was filled with a wide range of talents from our Crusader Players, but more importantly, it honored the nine incredible seniors in their last time on stage.

The Evening of Theater is an entirely student driven event in which performers and even crew get to perform anything they want whether it be a monologue, solo song, or a group performance.

“I performed a solo instrumental piece called The Swan on clarinet. It was fairly simple to learn, but was finding it difficult to stay in tune. However, I loved rehearsing it and the fact that the night was entirely student run,” junior Caroline Cunningham said.

The Evening of Theater continued with a couple of adorable sibling duets. Jacob Moore and his sister Lindsey Moore showed off their vocal range by singing “Wondering” from High School Musical: The Musical The Series. Tori and Taylor Larner featured their talents as well. Tori sang “Gravity” by Sara Bareillis while senior Taylor danced for one last time.

“It was really special to perform with Taylor. I’ve gotten to watch her dance all these years so to be the music to her dance and blend our two passions was something I will never forget,” Junior Tori Larner said.

As the theater department’s senior night, the Evening of Theater featured seniors in individual, and group performances. Seniors Grace Rackers, Elizabeth Petruso, Caleb Stoddard, Jack Beyer, Nick Damon, Charlie Wehde, Emily Baird, and Sophia Juergensmeyer all performed as a group in a senior medley of songs from all of the musicals they have performed.

At the end of the night, students played improv games, inviting anyone from the audience to try improv regardless of their acting abilities. A theme is announced to the actors, who then have to create a scene with nothing but their imagination. This part was a crowd favorite and a hilarious way to end the night.

What made Evening of Theater even more special was that all of the proceeds were donated to Keep Live Alive STL, an organization helping live entertainment professionals stay afloat during the pandemic.

If you weren’t able to make it to the Evening of Theater, be sure to check out the St. Dominic Performing Arts Twitter account (@SDHS_performing) for clips of many of the performances.