Future Full of Dreams

Our senior crusaders here at Saint Dominic High School have many different “dream jobs” they hope to obtain in the future.


Our senior crusaders here at Saint Dominic High School have many different “dream jobs” they hope to obtain in the future.

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

It is always a given that from a young age we all let our minds and opinions fluctuate with what we want our future to look like in the many years to come. Each and every one of us has this said “dream job,” which contributes to the picture we instill in our heads of what we see as “the perfect job.” This job would make us happy as a whole and is all we want in the future. Let’s take a look at what some of our seniors here at St. Dominic High School have said is their “dream job”.

Senior Olivia Krick is known to many others as having a unique, eye-catching and cool sense of style. Krick has always created and combined her own outfits, and has made it her own with almost every pair of outfits, shoes, or jewelry. It is no surprise that Krick’s “dream job” is the best suit for her.

“My dream job would be a fashion influencer. I am so inspired by different fashions and styles that are all over the world. I love how one person can create a whole new way to dress and put that on the world. If I had to stay in Missouri for this job I would like to be more into the media side and inspire everyone with my new ideas and thoughts,” Krick said.

Senior Karli Winters is committed to her faith and being a friend to everyone here at Saint Dominic. It’s no surprise that Winters uses these commitments along with her experience of helping younger children toward her bittersweet “dream job.”

“My dream job is to be working in a school helping children with speech impediments. I would probably stay in state for this, because I would have my certification in the state of Missouri. This is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was younger. I went to speech therapy and I loved all my teachers and wanted to have a fun job like theirs,” Winters said.

Senior Carson Sinnard has bright hopes of being able to make things his own. Having the opportunity to be the “boss” of projects and getting to create something just the way you want it is always gives one a sense of accomplishment.

“My dream job is to have my own construction/contractor business where I would manage construction of houses. I would want to build really high end houses for people who have a lot of money. I would want to have my business somewhere we’re there is a lot of land and good scenery like Utah. I also think it would be cool to design my own house one day,” Sinnard said.

Senior Maddie Kennedy has already begun her journey to her dream job. Attending Missouri State University after graduation and majoring in Nursing, Kennedy will open the doors to a brand new beginning.

“My dream job would be to work as a pediatric nurse. I would love to work in the emergency room where I can help kids and their parents, and try to help them physically, emotionally and mentally with whatever they need. Also, I would want to spend some time in the NICU and try to help the babies that are in there and give the mom support. I would also definitely want to travel or go help sick kids in underdeveloped countries,” Kennedy said.

Lastly, senior Maddie Lepp has always been intrigued with traveling and the beauty of other countries. Although having the opportunity to travel across the world can be difficult to obtain as a job, Lepp still has many other dreams. Maddie will be majoring in college to become a retail buyer, which will help her step closer to her dream.

“My dream job has always been to travel across the world, especially Italy. However, I have also always wanted to be a retail buyer and be able to pick out what clothes within a company and decide what they will be selling in store. Being a retail buyer means you also have to do some traveling, which would be perfect for me,” Lepp said.

It is wonderful to hear the different opinions and minds of what our Crusaders within our St. Dominic community aspire to be in the future. Everyone has different goals and plans of a happy life they hope to obtain. Our SDHS family is more than happy and supportive in helping our students and classmates succeed with their many years to follow.